How About a Fairy Tale?

There are few things that I love more than a little vino. But I traded in my slippers for a sundress and a beautiful day. While I had some friends visit I found myself struggling for something to do. I couldn’t take off work so my time with them was limited. Then it hit me that… Continue reading How About a Fairy Tale?

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How To | Get Over a Cold Quickly

First, let me just say that being sick sucks. Yes, we all know this, but I needed to reinforce the thought since I am going through it. I want to share with you my three tips for getting over a cold quickly. Two tip usually helps me to avoid illness all together but also helps speed along with process… Continue reading How To | Get Over a Cold Quickly

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It Works Review

If you’ve been following my blog for a bit now you know that my focus this year has been health, weight loss and beauty. As I make my way through this journey I am always tempted to try different things. A friend of mine is an It Works consultant and recommended I give them a try. Being open I figured “Why Not?” I have to admit, I’m impressed.

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Happy International Women’s Day

Why the serious face you ask? Well, I wanted to take some time out of my regular scheduled program to recognize International Women’s Day. I’m serious about these few ladies from different backgrounds who continue to be my inspiration and motivation. These women are only a few who stand out to me as genuinely good people and great contributors to the influence industry. So, if you’re looking for new women to help inspire you then check these ladies out!

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How to: Manage Your Time

Time management is a big topic for almost anyone in todays society. With our busy schedules no-one is excluded from feeling like they just need more time in the day. I’ve heard over and over in my life that time is money. Sometimes it’s in a joke, but mostly it’s very real. In my life time is everything, and I’ve come up with some tricks to help me stay on track and ahead of time.

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Becca Aqua Luminous Foundation Review

I feel like new foundations are always being showcased. I constantly hear about them on social media, in stores and even from friends. While I have tried almost every foundation recommended by friends and YouTubers I’ve never found my perfect foundation…. Until now!

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How To | Style Thigh High Boots

Thigh high boots are an amazing idea but the execution of wearing them can sometimes be intimidating. My first thought of thigh highs is the look of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, but these boots have come so much further in style than that! (Not that she isn’t sexy) For me, I have three rules for wearing thigh highs.


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